-Scott B

James and his team cleaned and sanitized our showroom, we are very happy with EMS's service. Good customer service and reasonable price, thank you guys to make our showroom a safe place to work.

Jason L

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EMS cleans my store once a week. They do good job, they work after hours and price is fair. I love this company .

Erica W

I work for Samsung Electronics America. Our office has been deemed essential for cell phone infrastructure support. To keep our employees safe during the COVID19 season we requested EMS' Sanitization services. They are quick, they are efficient, and they are thorough. Not only that, but their customer service is off the charts! I strongly recommend this local business to anyone who needs sanitization services, virus or no.

Christine K


I was in need of a thorough house sanitation due to COVID-19. I have a number of family members who are at risk due to health conditions so I needed the best service possible. I was given a tip to call EMS Sanitzation from a trusted friend. I needed the service done quickly as I wanted to minimize the risk to family. I called up EMS with probably 10 plus questions and each one was answered thoroughly making me feel comfortable with the initial call. EMS showed up the next day at my home and immediately went to work. I was amazed at the thoroughness that the company provided. The level of professionalism too was excellent. I felt that my house was treated with care, and respect. Talking with James after the cleaning was quite educational as I learned more about sanitation and Covid spread than I had known before. I ended up buying some home products from EMS too and have been very pleased. I had read that a percentage of mask sales goes to healthcare workers so I felt like I was giving back to those on the front lines along with protecting my family. I would recommend EMS Sanitzation to anyone with a need to protect their home and their family.

Aaron O

We contracted EMS Sanitization to clean our family business and they were quick, efficient, and did a very thorough job. They drop off PPEs for our employees and hand sanitizers, allowing my family to focus on our business instead of covid-19. In addition they were also able to provide consulting to reopen our business safely. I recommend EMS Sanitization to anyone who is looking to get their business back on their feet.

Tanner C

Love working with them! I received a really quick response when I scheduled an appointment with them. They did an EXCELLENT job and I was blown away by the attention to detail that they did. I am very pleased and impressed by their professionalism and thoroughness. I'm highly recommend their service and will be calling them regularly to sanitize my place.

Laura L

Did a very thorough job. Place was clean after they finished. Came in appropriate gear and attire. In and out in agreed time and will definitely be hiring them again for regular cleaning!

Cole T

Excellent work and professionalism. Would recommend 10/10. Their knowledge of the industry and the required procedures is unrivaled.

Joe S