The Process



EMS Sanitization provides many assets and services to companies preparing for re-open:

- Safe work playbook that allows businesses to have a gameplan in re-opening their business that is compliant with state and CDC guidelines. 

- Infographics that are easily digestible.


- Business markings including floor spacing signs, COVID-19 policies, restrictions and more.

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- We disinfect exclusively with products on EPA's List N (this is a list of cleaning agents that have been proven to kill SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19). 

- Our disinfecting agents are food, contact, plant and pet safe when used as directed.

- Our products are hospital-grade disinfectants with an extensive kill list including HIV, Salmonella, Staph, E-coli, Tuberculosis, Swine Flu and many more.

- The contact time is 10 minutes, meaning we can be in and out quickly without you having to waste much time. 



- Bioshield is an EPA and FDA registered antimicrobial application that imparts microbiostatic properties for 24 hour protection.


- This application bonds with the surface or textile forming a bond that can last in harsh environments for extended periods of time (See the efficacy study below). 


- Under a microscope the molecule we apply looks like a bed of nails. When a microbe is in the air its cell wall is pierced when it tries to land on the surface or textile the Bioshield is applied to.


- Studies have shown that more than one-half the time, surfaces are not adequately cleaned or are recontaminated within minutes after disinfection

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PPE/Cleaning Supplies

EMS provides our clients with PPE, Hand Sanitizers, cleaning supplies, and more to help them continue to comply with state guidelines.

The Equipment

Commercial-Grade Equipment

At EMS Sanitization our professional service providers exclusively us commercial-grade equipment. Here are the three types of machines we use to disinfect and apply our Bioshield.

Electrostatic Sprayers

Our electrostatic sprayers are used when applying our Bioshield. The electrostatic sprayer positively charges the liquid as it exits the nozzle, making the liquid mist attracted to the negatively charged surfaces. This allows our Bioshield to attach to an object 360 degrees around, ensuring complete coverage when we apply our product. If Bioshield is not applied with an elecrostatic sprayer, it can lose its ability to be effective long term. 

Mist Sprayers

Our mist sprayers are used when outdoor disinfection is necessary. This machine can apply a strong power behind the spray, giving it an advantage over a fogger when there is wind, rain or other outdoor elements as it is unaffected by them. 


Our Foggers are used during indoor disinfection. This machine allows for the most effective and efficient use of our disinfectant. This allows us to have the best coverage and most affordable services in the area. This machine makes sure every nook and cranny is hit with disinfectant, unlike wiping down every surface by hand.